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iOS 17.5 bug causing years old deleted photos recovery



iOS 17.5

A few days ago, Apple released iOS 17.5 for all iPhone users, the version brings new changes for a better user experience with added new optimizations.

However, there’s a bug that also surfaced with this new software version it automatically recovers deleted photos back to the gallery without the user’s knowledge.

The bug was first confirmed by a Reddit user, who shared the details about this new issue appearing randomly in the Photos app. Hundreds of users have shared their faceoff with this software problem.

Interestingly, the issue only affects users who have installed the recent update. Some mentioned that the photos were deleted from the phone years ago and recovered automatically.


Some of these also said that photos from iCloud are reappearing after the upgrade. These statements make the problem more weird and frustrating for these users. Aside from the people brainstorming on this recovery bug, a few of these Reddit users also raised some privacy and data safety concerns.

“Isn’t it a really big thing? I mean, Apple is a privacy advocate, but if deleted files are not really deleted after so many years. How can we trust it?” wrote one user.

For now, there’s no clarification on why this photo recovery bug is haunting iPhone users especially when the photos are allegedly deleted years before iOS 17.5.

It is possible that Apple may fix this bug and release a patch with a new software rollout.


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