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iPhone 16 Pro Max to provide better battery life



iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple can increase the battery life of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max model featuring a high-density structure says veteran analyst.

Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple will use high-energy density battery cells in the Pro Max model. It will not only increase the battery life but also improve cell efficiency.

This new device will use a stainless steel battery case to prevent excessive heat generation from the increased battery density. It will be the first time the iPhone maker will opt for this solution. Compared to aluminum heat dissipation application, stainless steel is robust and less susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, it adds stability to the battery pack with added protection.

The new stainless steel case will help Apple to improve the battery replacement process. It is also a step in complying with the European Union’s guidelines for ease of mobile repairability.


iPhone 17:

This new solution is planned as a pilot project for the iPhone 16 Pro Max model. If everything goes right and it receives a good reception, the new battery design will be applied to all iPhone 17 models for next year.


Sunway will fulfill Apple’s battery case requirements, it is a pioneer in this application and this order will account for less than 5 percent of Sunway’s 2024 revenue. However, Sunway has to apply a stamping production process for Apple. This requirement will improve Sunway’s gross margin compared to other general metal stamping.

The profit could improve significantly if Apple applies the battery solution to the iPhone 17 series. In that case, Sunway’s 2025 revenue and profit could grow to 200-250%. That will be a big jump in both sections if the iPhone 16 Pro Max succeeds.


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