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iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ could be the most expensive iPhone ever



iPhone Slim

Apple has planned a new “Slim” model for next year’s iPhone 17 series which could be the most expensive iPhone to date, according to a new report from TheInformation.

The report mentions that this model will be “significantly thinner” and focused on characteristics similar to its name. However, its design will reflect similar attributes to the screen with a slimmer dynamic island and optimized screen size. iPhone 17 ‘Slim’ could be the most expensive iPhone ever

Previous input suggests the model will replace the Plus model next. However, the company will keep the Plus variant alive for this year’s iPhone 16 series.

The iPhone 15 Plus starts at $899, below 15 Pro but the report mentions that the new version will surpass the Pro Max, the top model which starts at $1199.


The iPhone 17 Slim is likely to offer an aluminum frame and a new A-series chipset. Furthermore, the rear camera placement will jump from the top-left side to the top center. This camera bump position will be new to the iPhone family.

We’ve previously seen the horizontal camera arrangement with the iPhone 7 series but next year’s iPhone could make them look way bigger with a polished bump. So, what kind of upgrades this model will serve to achieve the highest price point? That’s a topic of discussion.

This year, Apple will bring new changes in Pro and Pro Max models with 0.2-inch screen additions. These changes will be subtle but major improvements will be drafted for next year. Still, making the iPhone 17 Slim expensive suggests a new strategy shift for the company but specifics of the model remain unknown.


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