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Microsoft launches new Copilot AI with GPT-4o



Microsoft Copilot+ PC

Microsoft on Monday revealed its new Copilot AI tool called “Copilot+ PCs” for Windows 11 operating system computers and it integrates the latest OpenAI model GPT-4o.

This new Copilot can do more interesting things compared to its predecessor all thanks to the new GPT model. GPT-4o or omni aims to provide a natural interaction with the user including text, audio, image, and video to generate similar responses. The model can respond to audio inputs as small as 232 milliseconds with a performance upgrade over the GPT-4 Turbo model.


These new capabilities are now available directly to Windows users via Copilot and a new generation of silicon. Microsoft says Copilot+ PCs have the fastest NPUs capable of 40+ trillion operations per second.

The partnership between the two companies continues to grow with each new AI product launch. OpenAI unveiled this new GPT-4o model last week at its Spring 2024 Updates event and Microsoft promoted the model with this new Copilot+. In addition to GPT-4, Microsoft has added a new Recall feature for Copilot to access previous content or files with saved snapshots.


These AI capabilities will now include AI image generation tools in real-time directly in the PC using Cocreator. There’s a new Live Captions feature, which can translate on-screen content in more than 40 languages to English.


Microsoft has announced OEM partners Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung to launch PCs with new silicon starting at $999. These PCs will be featured with the new Copilot+.

The company also introduced a new system architecture to combine the processing capabilities of CPU, GPU, and NPU. These three are combined with Large Language Models (LLMs) and Small Language Models (SMLs) using Azure Cloud.


Based on these new changes, Microsoft says the next generation of PCs could provide up to 20 times more power and be 100 times more efficient in running AI.



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