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Here are the new Microsoft Copilot+ PCs Features



Copilot+ PC

Microsoft has launched its new Copilot+ PCs AI model for next-generation Windows computers and notebooks and it comes with new features to provide a new user experience.

Here’s a summary of the new capabilities brought by this new model:

  • New Model
  • Recall
  • AI Images
  • Resolve Studio
  • CapCut
  • Cephable
  • LiquidText
  • Live Caption

New Model

The new Copilot uses new AI models including Small Language Models (SLMs) to run locally on devices to provide fast responses that don’t require cloud computing.


This new capability is the most highlighted at the event, it lets the user recall the entire user timeline of a Windows 11 PC. With Copilot+ PCs, a user can scroll through a timeline to find content on apps, websites, documents, and more from the past using snapshots recorded by the PC. It is a history feature that can be accessed but it’s the history of everything you do inside the PC.


AI Images

Windows 11 users can create AI images with text prompts in real time with Cocreator. It uses a diffusion-based algorithm to optimize the output for high quality. This feature will be available with the Paint and Photos app.

Resolve Studio

  • DaVinci Resolve Studio now supports visual effects for objects and people using NPU-based Magic Mas in DaVinci Resolve Studio.


  • You can now remove the background from any video at an instance via Auto Cutout in CapCut.


  • New adaptive input controls added to Cephabale including head movement or facial expressions via NPU-powered camera.


  • You can now make quick and smart annotations to documents using AI capabilities based on-device via NPU.

Live Captions

Here’s another new capability of the Copilot+ PC which lets you translate any audio on screen into a single English language caption in real-time. This feature supports more than 40 language translations to English subtitles automatically even in offline mode.

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