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xAI founder says more announcements coming soon




Elon Musk, founder of xAI artificial intelligence (AI) firm said more announcements are coming soon. This revelation comes after the company secured $6 billion in Series B funding.

“There will be more to announce in the coming weeks,” wrote Musk on X on Monday. However, he revealed no specific details about the new products or updates. Here are a few things that we speculate to come out from xAI in the near future.


AI products

The company could introduce a whole new product. Probably a more robust image or video generation tool. However, this could be the least probability as the company is focusing on improving Grok’s multimodal capabilities.

Grok is the first xAI generative AI chatbot integrated into X social media. The company is still training this model with data and serving it as early access for X Premium subscribers. Its 1.5 version update however has new advancements in speed and reasoning for fast outputs compared to version 1.


Another major improvement to this model comes as version 1.5 Vision update. It allows Grok to process visual data such as screenshots, images, rough sketches, or sign boards. These improvements are new to this large language model but yet to make a debut for X users.

New Mode

Previous reports suggest that xAI is working on an “Unhinged Mode”. It will serve alongside Normal and Fun modes, two different types of replies. The characteristics of this unhinged conversation mode remain unknown but it may surpass fund mode for sure.


Grok has recently added a news section to enable users to see the latest trends and know more about them without entering a prompt. However, it could also offer a news evaluation section for better assistance in understanding a news article.

Last but not least, the company could collect more investments and add them to improve research and development of new AI technologies. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement on this matter.


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