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Grok 2 looking ‘very promising’ says xAI developer



xAI Grok 2

Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm xAI has shared an update on Grok 2 saying that the version looks “very promising”. The update comes as the company still has the pending release of Grok 1.5.

“Grok 2 is keeping the GPUs hot and things are looking very promising,” wrote Toby Pohlen xAI team member on social media site X. Pohlen’s comment indicates that the new version will have performance upgrades but he hasn’t revealed specifics about this version or its specifications.

Released in November, Grok is a large language model designed and developed by xAI and the company has modeled this generative AI tech after Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The model is available as a chatbot on X and customers need to subscribe to a premium pack for access.

xAI Grok 2

xAI Grok 2 (Image Credit: xAI)

The AI company recently announced raising $6 billion to develop advanced AI systems and computing competitiveness. It also hires new talent to increase the team and develop more advanced products.

It is also revealed that xAI will use 100,000 H100 Nvidia GPUs with liquid-cooled training clusters in the next few months. The company may be utilizing such power for the next Grok version and improve its efficiency. Furthermore, xAI has planned a cluster of 300,000 B200 chipsets with CX8 networking next summer.


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