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iOS 18 will overhaul mail app with AI features



iOS 18

Apple is working on a redesigned mail app for the iOS 18 operating system and will use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its capabilities.

AppleInsider reports that the mail app will integrate new features to improve its capabilities. The app will utilize Apple’s on-device AI features to send smart replies. This new AI capability will allow users to send automated replies generated by AI for professionals, customer service providers, and large companies.

This new capability is part of Apple’s “Project Graymatter” and will be shared across mail, messages, and Siri voice assistant. The mail app could even adjust the replies based on previous conversations. Furthermore, Siri can edit mail text by telling Siri to improve the overall writing tone, for example, telling it to make an email text look professional.

Aside from smart replies, the mail app will also be able to categorize emails with machine learning based on the email’s content. With this new improvement, users can sort emails based on time and sender.


Several existing categories will help the user manage the emails including commerce, news, other, promotions, social, and transactions. These are key details on the upcoming mail app and more that could be unveiled next week at WWDC24.

AI will be the main highlight of this developer conference and new generative AI technologies will be announced for future generations of products.

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