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Tesla Model Y Refresh may come in 2025 suggests CEO



Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Refresh is not coming this year says CEO Elon Musk who suggests this electric vehicle (EV) might unveil in 2025. X users @CuriousPejjy asked “There’s rumors going around that the Tesla Model Y Refresh will be ready by next month. I’m having a hard time believing that.” Musk replied, “No Model Y Refresh is coming out this year”.

Last December, Bloomberg reported a new Model Y is under preparation with new upgrades over the existing version. It mentioned the model could be released in mid-2024.

Following this report, Tesla told employees to keep maximum transparency over upcoming vehicles with customers, especially about Model Y rumors and speculations. An email announced that “there is no refresh for Model Y launching this year”.

The news about this new refresh appeared after the Upgraded Model 3 was unveiled in the U.S. This model brings a new front look including slim headlights, more aerodynamic-friendly fascia, rear taillights, and more.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y (Image Source – Tesla)

In April, the new Model 3 Performance made a debut. There are several changes made in this new vehicle to optimize its power and user experience. However, customers have been waiting for a refreshed Model Y.

“I should note that Tesla continuously improves its cars, so even a car that is 6 months newer will be a little better” Musk explains further.

In the meantime, Model Y has received a new color option – Quicksilver in different markets. This color is quite an interesting design and provides a whole new look to the EV.  Tesla Model Y is also the most popular car in the world and it has received numerous price cuts to keep up the sales momentum.

During the Q1 earning call, Tesla revealed a more affordable range for next year and Model Y might have a slot in those affordable ranges in 2025.


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