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Apple still pursuing a deal with Google and Anthropic besides OpenAI



Apple AI

Apple is still pursuing a conversation with Google and Anthropic to use their cloud AI power for software to bring more diverse AI options and features.

Last week, Apple announced “Apple Intelligence” a self-branded version of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions with custom Large Language Models (LLM) and ChatGPT integration.


iOS 18 is the first software to bring generative AI at its core but keep these features in preview with the full release this fall. The eligibility to test Apple Intelligence is limited to iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices in the iPhone segment. Therefore, these new AI capabilities may not be available for the iOS 18 roadmap.

Apple will use ChatGPT directly into Siri and other system apps. For example, you can ask ChatGPT a question directly from Siri. Productivity apps such as Notes, Pages, and others will offer editing tools to help users generate better text content.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman said that the iPhone maker is testing these new capabilities to achieve maturity through next year. It means that iPhone 16 and iPhone 15 Pro/Max models will only get Apple Intelligence as an opt-in service. In the meantime, the company will prepare a bigger picture for later.

Meanwhile, Apple is still talking to Google and Anthropic to use their Gemini and Claude LLM alongside ChatGPT in the U.S. There are no details about this ongoing conversation but further expansion is certain with Baidu and Alibaba Group in China.


Aside from OpenAI, Apple seeking more valuable and useful AI solutions to suit its requirements. However, it’s hard to tell when Apple will finalize these new partnerships and what will be the outcome for consumers.


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