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Xpeng asked Tesla CEO to borrow a FSD 12.4 car



Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) 12.4

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker Xpeng has asked Tesla CEO, Elon Musk to borrow a Full Self-Driving (FSD) 12.4 car on social media site X.

The latest development is the aftermath of Xpeng CEO, He Xiaopeng’s recent visit to the US. He is on this trip to test the new autonomous and self-driving technology product in the US (via CNevpost).


On Thursday, Xiaopeng shared the FSD 12.3.6 version driving experience. He has also shown interest in 12.4.1, a new FSD branch with wheel-free driving and a new driver attention monitoring system. However, the version is limited to some users and will expand with FSD 12.4.2.

Xpeng is one of the leading car makers in China to develop a self-driving system. It’s one of the few in line alongside Baidu with an AI large language model embedded in cars. The company continues to improve its vehicle model to support maximum autonomy with its current hardware.


This firm doesn’t sell cars in the US but competes against Tesla in China. On the other hand, the American EV giant is preparing to launch FSD for Chinese customers but waiting for regulatory approval.

FSD’s introduction in China would raise the competition in autonomous technology development. However, Tesla’s self-driving is not fully autonomous and requires a person behind the wheel to take over when needed.


Reacting to Xpeng CEO’s FSD drive test, Musk wrote “The Chinese automakers are by far the most competitive”. This comment followed a reply from XPENG’s official X account and asked to borrow FSD 12.4.1 car.

“We are wondering if there’s any chance we could borrow a Tesla with FSD V12.4.1 in the near future?” asked Xpeng on Thursday.


On the other hand, the company offered the Tesla CEO a test drive of XNGP ADAS in China. Meanwhile, Musk has not responded to this comment.


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