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Microsoft China to allow only iPhones at work, banning Android devices



iPhone 15 Pro Max

Microsoft plans to allow iPhones only at the workplace and ban Android devices in China starting later this year while restricting Android devices.

Bloomberg reported that the company will require all Chinese employees to use Apple devices to verify their identities when logging into work computers and phones.


This new step is part of Microsoft’s global Secure Future Initiative and will be applied to hundreds of workers across China. It further solidifies that employees use the Microsoft Authenticator and Identity Pass app.

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 (Image Source- Apple)

In the background, the move also reflects the difference between global and Chinese Android ecosystems. Although, Chinese phones run Android but Google Mobile Services (GMS) is inaccessible. Popular Chinese smartphone companies operate their app platforms, which don’t require GM. Therefore, Microsoft is suspending these Android devices at the workplace due to the lack of GMS.

With this new change, any employee with an Android smartphone will be provided an iPhone 15 under a one-time purchase.


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