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Apple to release iOS 17.5.2 before iOS 17.6



iOS 17.5

Apple is working on the iOS 17.5.2 software update and it could release prior to iOS 17.6. Although the changelog remains unknown, it may come as a software fix for bugs that originated in past builds.

In May, iOS 17.5 rolled out for iPhones with a new pride radiance wallpaper for the lock screen. It has an offline mode for Apple News+ with a Today feed and News+ tab. After this update, you won’t need an active internet connection to go through the latest feed.


This OTA update introduced cross-platform tracking detection, which enables you to receive notifications from a Bluetooth tracker even if you don’t own that tracker. This feature works without any OS compatibility requirements with the connected device. Additionally, the update fixes bugs and security for iPhones.

Despite adding new features, iOS 17.5 also created a photo bug for iPhones. Once affected, the software resurfaces old photographs in the Photos app. Users reported that some of these pictures were deleted many years ago. Apple acknowledged the problem and released iOS 17.5.1 software. It provides bug fixes and confirms that the bug was caused by database corruption.


For developers, iOS 17.5 resolved some issues in accessibility, and app tracking transparency, which inaccurately returns denied authorization before the user consents to tracking. It resolved developer kits for core motion, camera and AVFoundation capture, eSIM, StoreKit, and wallpaper.

iOS 17.6

Apple is currently testing iOS 17.6 under developer and public beta channels. If the company is due to release iOS 17.5.2 next week, it may push this new version to the second half of this month.




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