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Tesla FSD 12.5 will combine city and highway software stacks



Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) 12.5

Tesla will resolve a major problem in navigation and lane changing with the upcoming FSD 12.5 by combining city and highway software stacks confirms its CEO.

Full Self-Driving (FSD) is designed to automatically drive a car through traffic. It can detect on-road traffic, objects, and humans to react in real time. Version 12 has appeared as the most advanced version in the FSD development pipeline but it’s currently supervised.


The company recently rolled out FSD 12.4.3 for users with new changes in the driver monitoring system. However, customers complained that the car kept jumping lanes unnecessarily. A highway stack is designed for navigation on highways. It uses algorithms trained on highway driving and focuses on lane centering, maintaining speed, and handling lane changes.

On the other hand, the city stack software helps to control the car in city conditions. That includes understanding traffic signals and navigating intersections with pedestrians and others. It makes turns and roundabouts and also navigates unknown road unpredictable road scenarios.


Currently, the company uses these software stacks separately for different scenarios. That may lead to inconsistencies when transitioning between highways and cities. Thus confusing the algorithm between different roads (while transitioning).

A single software stack could improve the overall performance with a unified system trained on highway and city data. This combined approach will also help FSD to drive more smoothly.


It will improve efficiency while training a single stack instead of two. Furthermore, the company will have more time to understand one codebase, and achieve fast development and update rollout. This integration can significantly enhance the driving algorithm and resolve lane change issues.

Unfortunately, Tesla has not shared a release date for FSD 12.5.x, which may be announced by next month or later. Meanwhile, you can download the new FSD 12.4.3 with new hands-free driving.


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