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X is reportedly selling old Twitter usernames for $50,000/handle



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X is preparing to launch a program to sell unused/old X (formerly known as Twitter) usernames from the social media company. This could be a unique step for X that the owner, Elon Musk suggested previously online.

Forbes reported that a group of people inside X started working on the @handle business and it is planning to conduct this activity officially on a large scale.

But the company is not waiting for anything, instead, it has already begun the sale. It’s also reported that X has emailed potential buyers requesting a fee of $50,000 for a username.

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Last December, Musk said on his social media site that “Twitter will soon start freeing the namespace of 1.5 billion accounts”.  He also confirmed that these accounts have been inactive for years.


On a further note, the X owner mentioned that most of the accounts are being operated by bots and unverified users. Therefore, this action could have a major impact on users who want to interact with other people on the platform with true capacity.

Meanwhile, X’s inactive account policy says that users need to keep the account by logging into the site once in 30 days. It says that the account could be permanently deactivated due to super long inactivity.

On the other hand, X announced on the official online document that the company has no program to release inactive usernames for the time being.


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