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Watch the livestream of BYD Shark pickup truck debut on May 14



BYD Shark hybrid electric pickup truck

BYD will launch the SHARK hybrid pickup truck on May 14 in Mexico City, Mexico and you can watch its global debut livestream at your home.

BYD Shark’s global debut and Mexcico-launched event will be livestreamed on Facebook at 10:30 AM (UTC-6) on May 14 and 00:30 AM (GMT+8) on May 14, 2024. It could also be posted on the BYD Global YouTube channel.

Watch BYD Shark global debut Livestream

Livestream details of BYD Shark Hybrid Pickup Truck (Image Source – BYD)

This will be the first pickup truck for the Chinese automaker, which is currently ruling over the home ground’s electric vehicle (EV). In terms of appearance, the vehicle will compete against the Ford F150-Lightning and similar heavy-duty pickup trucks featuring a rugged design.

The truck will also equip BYD’s dual-mode off-road (DMO) hybrid platform with technologies including cell to chassis (CTC). More information will be revealed on the launch day.

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