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Check XPENG XOS 5.1 AI features introduction video 



XPENG AI Driving Network

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) company XPENG has released an introduction video of XOS 5.1 AKA Tianji OS to showcase new features.

The carmaker says this upgrade tilts heavily toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) with new capabilities to ease the driving experience. This version enables more user-friendly customizations on the infotainment system. The response time of voice assistance has also been improved.

XOS 5.1 utilizes the upgraded surround reality (SR) perception capabilities to extend the range to 1.8 standard soccer fields. This enables the car to identify over 50 surrounding objects at once. The AI Valet Driver feature also enhances the visual perception and control system. It could be activated and memorize driving routes during manual operations.

With its safety features, the valet driver could detect any passing vehicle and respond quickly to prevent collisions. The AI feature improves driving on small roads and optimizes auto parking.


The valet driver is customized to memorize up to 10 routes of 100 km each. There are new features added to XPENG XOS 5.1 to improve the entertainment experience. XPENG has announced that the XOS 5.1 will rollout for eligible users starting today in China. Check the complete introduction video linked below.


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