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Electric Rivian Vans with DHL theme spotted in public



Rivian Electric Delivery Van with DHL Branding

Two Rivian Vans with DHL design themes are now photographed in public. It suggests that the company is preparing to sell these commercial electric delivery vans to the logistics firm.

Two DHL vans were photographed while being transported on a single-level multi-car carrier. These vans have the design of Rivian’s EDV and have yellow paint.

The side of the vans has “DHL” branding and its GoGreen program’s green leaf. The program aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint through electric vehicles. The rest of the design is quite identical to Rivian’s electric vans for Amazon.

Rivian Electric Delivery Van with DHL Branding

Rivian Electric Delivery Van with DHL Branding (Image Credit: @rajjpatel2/X)

Amazon is the first and only buyer of commercial Rivian delivery vans. The largest e-commerce platform has placed an order for 100,000 Rivian vans. These orders are scheduled to be fulfilled by this decade.

The company may have been exploring more opportunities to sell its commercial vehicles to industry customers. DHL could be a perfect partner looking to grow its electric fleet to supply logistics. DHL has not published any official statement on purchasing DHL Vans from Rivian.

Rivian Delivery vans come in two variants – small Delivery 500 and large Delivery 700.

The Delivery 500 has a length of 248.5 inches, is 114.7 inches tall, and adds a cargo volume of 486 cu ft. The model has a 6.9-inch ground clearance and a wheelbase of 157.5 inches. The Delivery 500 has a width of 96.4 inches including side mirrors.


Delivery 500 brings 161 miles estimated range. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 9,350 lbs (4241 kg) and the drivetrain is four-wheel drive. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 2,734 lbs.

The Delivery 700 carries an increased length of 278 inches, 114.8 inches in height with a massive 652 cu ft cargo volume. The ground clearance is 6.9 inches and a larger wheelbase of 187 inches. The width of this vehicle stands at 103.3 inches with mirrors.

It can deliver a 153-mile drive range, 9,500 lbs (4309kg) of GVWR rating, and 2,513 lbs payload capacity. This model is also four-wheel drive.



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