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Tesla increases $1,000 on new Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous)



New Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla has increased $1,000 on the new Model 3 Performance (Ludicrous), the second price addition the company has made since its release late last month.

The new Model 3 Performance was initially announced at $52,990. The carmaker has complied with IRS guidelines for battery resourcing on this model to claim the $7,500 Federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit.

Customers placed an order for this model at a price tag of $45,490 after adding the tax credit. That makes it in line with the RWD and Long Range models. Unlike Performance, these two aren’t eligible for federal tax credit.

After three days of unveiling, Tesla added $1,000 to this EV increasing the purchase price to $53,990 and $45,490 after tax credit. With today’s $1,000, the purchase price reached $54,990, and the EV tax credit will decline it to $47,490.


New Tesla Model 3 Performance Price As Of May 16, 2024 (Source – Tesla)

MSRP limit

According to Fueleconomy, the Model 3 Performance has an MSRP limit of $55,000. It means that the car’s price must not exceed this limit, otherwise, it will lose the EV tax credit. This may not be a scenario that Tesla wants to face.

Meanwhile, Tesla Model Ys, also eligible for full federal tax credit, has a $80,000 MSRP limit. In addition to the new price change, Tesla has made the white interior free of cost, which has been available for extra dollars.

Delivery and features

New Model 3 Performance comes with a new design and performance with numerous changes in the aerodynamics and motor system.

These include the optimized front splitter, sleek fascia, and forged wheels with the performance braking system. The rear has a new carbon fiber spoiler and rear diffusers, and the taillights are now integrated into the tailgate.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Forged Wheels with Advanced Braking System (image Source – Tesla)

Initial customers have begun receiving delivery notifications. Some of these are scheduled a delivery as early as May 15-18 while others have to wait until mid-or-late June.


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