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Tesla starts new Model 3 Performance deliveries



New Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla today officially started deliveries of the new Model 3 Performance. This milestone comes after 26 days of unveiling this new model as customers await their delivery notification.

Recently, Tesla informed the first batch of customers about the nearing delivery date and some of these have already received the model. The rest of the customers are notified to wait until June. As of today, the delivery date has slipped from June to July, a month’s addition compared to June a few days ago. It suggests the climbing interest in this new Model 3 variant.

Price Increase

Tesla unveiled the new Model 3 Performance at a $52,999 purchase price. The model is eligible for Federal tax credit and reduces the purchase price by $7,500 to $45,490.

The credit helps Tesla to sell this model at the same purchase price as Rear Wheel Drive and Long Range versions, while these two remained ineligible for the tax credit. Therefore, the new Model 3 Performance has become a better deal for buyers with all the latest new capabilities over RWD and LR.


Right after the release, the company increased the $1,000 price for this car to $53,990 and the $46,490 after-tax credit. In the middle of this week, Tesla announced a new $1,000 price hike, making the total purchase price $54,990 and $47,490 after tax credit. However, the price can’t be hiked further due to the Federal tax MSRP limit of $55,000. Tesla must keep the MSRP ceiling to receive the tax benefits.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Front

Tesla Model 3 Performance Front Headlights and Splitter (Image Source – Tesla)


This new car has revised the Model 3 with new design elements and performance upgrades. It brings a sleek front and better air deflection to support the aerodynamics.

The rear side has a new carbon spoiler and improved diffusers. The taillight is integrated into the rear gate and has a small “Ludicrous” badge to identify the model on the go. Inside the vehicle, it equips new sports seats, which help you to enjoy the ride at high speed.



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